Rail Plastic Sleeves Overview

    2016-05-13Rail Plastic Sleeves Overview What is rail plastic sleeves? Rail plastic sleeves is also called rail plastic dowel, plastic insert, concrete dowel/ concrete insert, which is a counter-party fastener for a sleeper screw or anchor bolt, and it is pre-imbedded into the concrete or wooden sleeper tie, installed together with screw spikes, guide plates and rail clips to fasten the rail tracks.    Functions&...   More>>

    Railway Tie Plate Overview

    2016-06-14Railway Tie Plate Overview What is a railway tie plate? A railway tie plate, baseplate or sole plate is a steel plate used on rail tracks between flanged T rail and the crossties. The tie plate increases bearing area and holds the rail to correct gauge. They are fastened to wooden ties by means of spikes or bolts through holes in the plate. Functions of rail tie plates Rail tie plates are used not only to sup...   More>>

    Railway Turnout Overview

    2016-05-06Railway Turnout Overview A railway switch, railway turnout is a mechanical installation enabling railway trains to be guided from one track to another, We supply different kinds of railway turnouts used for railway, mining, tunneling, coke plant etc with high manganese steel frog, solid manganese self-guarded frog, assembled crossings, welded crossings, monobloc crossings, swing nose crossings, diamond crossings based on ...   More>>

    Typical Railway Sleepers Overview

    2016-05-06Typical Railway Sleepers Overview A railroad tie/railway tie/cross-tie (North America), or railway sleeper (UK and Australasia) is a rectangular support for the rails in railroad tracks. Generally laid perpendicular to the rails, ties transfer loads to the track ballast and sub-grade, hold the rails upright and keep them spaced to the correct gauge.   Task of sleepers:   Supporting of rail  ...   More>>

    Rail Anchor/Anticreeper Overview

    2016-05-06Rail Anchor/Anticreeper Overview Rail Anchor   Rail anchors or Anticreepers are spring steel clips that attach to the underside of the rail baseplate and bear against the sides of the sleepers to prevent longitudinal movement of the rail, either from changes in temperature or through vibration.   Rail anchors made in one-piece construction from spring steel are designed to fasten the rail tight on the base of the r...   More>>