Railway Elastic Rail clip specification

    2018-01-11Railway Elastic Rail clip specification The railway elastic clip together with rubber pad, nylon block gauge or nylon liner and casting shoulder is used to fix the rail onto the conrete sleeper, sometimes it is also together with casted base plate with shoulder insert to fix the rail. The materials made the clip here is 60Si2MnA, the chemical composition is as following:  Chemical composition  composition%  Chemical compo...   More>>

    Production And Inspection Of Railway Fish Plate

    2018-01-09Production And Inspection Of Railway Fish Plate Railway fish plate(rail joint bar processing) There are three main steps for joint bar production: 1. Roll to template 2. Cool off& shear process 3. Heat treatment&hole punching he following are the inspection       More>>

    Rail Welding Procedure

    2017-08-11Rail Welding Procedure Step 1: Adjust Rails Step 2: Remove Rust  Step 3: Install Sand Holding Device Step 4: Sealed with Wax Step 5: Preheating Heater and Adjusting Step 6: Preheat Rails Parts Where need welding Step 7: Set up Crucible and Light up Welding Flux Step 8: Burn Flux Step 9: Pouring Molten Steel Step 10: Remove Welding Deadings Stpe 11: Polishing Rail Surface Done...   More>>

    WEDO Steel Rail Production Process

    2016-05-06WEDO Steel Rail Production Process Stell Rail is main components of railway tracks. Its function is to guide the locomotive wheel, under the pressure of wheels, and passed on to the sleepers. Rail wheel must be continuous, smooth and rolling surface of least resistance. In electrified or automatic block, rail can also be used and a track circuit. Rails uses open hearth oxygen steelmaking of carbon steel rolled into. Whose purpose i...   More>>

    Rail Plastic Sleeves Overview

    2017-09-15Rail Plastic Sleeves Overview What is rail plastic sleeves? Rail plastic sleeves is also called rail plastic dowel, plastic insert, concrete dowel/ concrete insert, which is a counter-party fastener for a sleeper screw or anchor bolt, and it is pre-imbedded into the concrete or wooden sleeper tie, installed together with screw spikes, guide plates and rail clips to fasten the rail tracks.    Functions&...   More>>