conventional railway turnout

In the past 10 years, our all kinds of the conventional railway turnout including simple turnout, Symmetrical switch , double slip switches, and diamond crossing were used on the railway station Yard, mainline for the train speed not more than 160km/H domestic and oversea market like Iran, Maylasia, Thailand, Australia, New Zeland, Indonesia, Taiwan, USA and Syria and so on.

Most of the turnouts is made of high manganese steel frog with butt flash legs. We have the facility to finish the welding and casted frog explosive hardening and testing to meet the UIC and BS standard requirements.

Most of the conventional railway turnouts are consist of swich rail, closure rails, stock rails, frogs and check rails with base plates and fastenings.

Swich rail is special rail used on turnouts. In UIC standard it is 60E1A1 and 54E1A1, in China, it is 60AT.


As the first private company to export China railway turnout, in the past few years, we are trying to make the market to know more about China Railway and China Railway turnouts. Wedo could offer all kinds of turnouts with solid manganese steel frog(casted monoblock frog crossing) , fabricated crossing, and alloy steel frog turnouts to the conventional speed railway , high speed railway , Heavy Haul railway , and subway. Meanwhile, we could offer a whole solution for railway turnout  to meet the  different standard and technical requirements.