Railway Elastic Rail clip specification

2018-01-11 13:23:00

The railway elastic clip together with rubber pad, nylon block gauge or nylon liner and casting shoulder is used to fix the rail onto the conrete sleeper, sometimes it is also together with casted base plate with shoulder insert to fix the rail.

The materials made the clip here is 60Si2MnA, the chemical composition is as following:

 Chemical composition  composition%  Chemical composition  Composition %
 C  0.52-0.6  P  Max 0.035
 Si  1.5-2.0  Cr  Max 0.35
 Mn  0.7-1.0  Ni  Max0.35
 S  Max 0.035  Cu  Max0.25

The Type: E2007, E2009,E2055,E1809,E1806,E2003,E2091

Hardness could be HRC 42- 48

MinToe load 1000kgf deflection not less than 11mm.

The surface could be black, plain and red oil paint.