Railway Rail Fastening System

2016-05-27 15:20:03

What is Rail Fastening System?

A rail fastening system is used to fix rails to railway sleeper or railway ties, which is usually consisted of rail anchors, rail tie plates, chairs, fasteners, spikes, screws, bolts, etc. The selection of a fastening system must be made with utmost care for rail road safety can’t be compromised.

Types of Railway Fastener

Various types of fastenings have been developed to meet the requirements of railway development. Normally, there are fastening with rail spike with base plate above the tie, E-clip Fastening, Pandrol Fast Clip Fastening, Tension Clamp Fastening, Bolt Clamp Fastening, Tack Joint and Chairs Fastening, and Steel Spring Keyed rail in Chair Fastening, the name of which may vary with locations.

Fastening Design Criteria

A resilient fastening has its own features, such as, the spring/clip holding the rail to the railroad sleeper, the shoulder/anchor holding the clip, an insulator and a rail pad separating the rail from the railway sleeper. As for the four features, there are strict criteria stipulated to ensure the fastening effect.